When the skies turn a color of blue
And your grandmother lingers around the rooms
When you hear the cups clashing,
The kids screaming and laughing, the birds singing, almost dancing
It is morning in Wad Madani!
And sleep still wants to stay, but here you are wide awake
Stories of the past, they start to say
It always gets the better of you
Good Morning, Wad Madani!
When you sip your tea, and taste the calm
Get swept in this world that claims no harm
Feel the warmth of an open space, Smile so brightly to your day
It is morning in Wad Madani!
Your days move like years
And your years move like decades
Speak a thousand words
Sing a thousand songs
It is evening in Wad Madani!
Let the kids break the glasses, Let the kids break our silence
Let the mothers speak of our fathers, and the fathers speak of their bothers
Let my sister call my brother
Cause it is getting late
It is almost night in Wad Madani!
When the skies are crying for its lost ones
And the roof sounds like it’s broken
When we have finished from our words for the day, and it smells like autumn
It is night in Wad Madani!
Get ready for Bed, A few kisses goodnight
Mosquitos whisper secret melodies, they starts start to tell their stories
Goodnight Wad Madani!

Part of SAWTI Zine Issue 1